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  1. Hi Ben,
    I have just bought your book. It will be great for my family to read it and get a better understanding of me an my family. I am Dutch and have moved to the uk in 1983. My wife and children are English and although I have tried to teach them Dutch, I failed miserably.
    All the best Johan


  2. Hi Ben. Just a brief note to say how much I am enjoying reading your book. It’s beautifully written and completely absorbing. I’m learning so much anew about a country I first fell in love with through its pipe organ culture. It’s been a world renowned centre of excellence in organ building for over five centuries. My one trip to Rotterdam was a mini pilgrimage to play the giant in St. Laurence, which you mentioned. And others in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Alkmaar are literally world famous. Anyway, that’s just an aside, but it demonstrates yet another aspect of Dutch genius.
    Best wishes. Stephen Shaw.


  3. Hi Ben, just to say I also enjoyed your travelogue – it has a certain Bill Bryson feel to it. I myself grew up in Newcastle and moved to NL in 1992 to live with my Dutch wife. Although I appreciate occasional visits back to the UK, I also prefer living here, and also have a hard time with the locals when discussing Zwarte Piet. I’m a university of applied sciences lecturer at Stenden in Leeuwarden. We live in a Frisian village (Stiens), and have 3 teenage kids. Feel free to get in touch for a drink if you’re ever up in this neck of the woods.
    Alastair Wright


  4. This evening, I completed reading your work on “Why the Dutch are Different.” And I wish to express my deep appreciation for the excellently conceived and written evaluation of just why we are different. I loved your forthright honesty. I could not fail to thank you! My family left the Netherlands and established a Dutch community in Iowa in 1847, called Pella. Yet, my father could not speak English until he went to school. My mother’s family, my Dutch cousins, still live in Gelderland and so we have been to the Netherlands some 21 times since 1977 and I have attempted to improve my 19th century Dutch–much to the amusement of my Dutch relatives there. But your book helped me appreciate further understanding of my own Dutch family, as well as myself.
    Veel Plezier!


  5. Hi Ben, My son bought your book, ‘Why the Dutch are different’ for me for Christmas and I am currently reading it. I’ve nearly finished it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am 66, English, with a Dutch mother so I can identify with your descriptions and agree with everything you said. I have lived through listening to my mum’s descriptions of the German invasion, her shelter of a little Jewish girl, her travels to southern Holland to find food during the hunger winter of 1944/5 and her Dutch resistance experiences. Later on in the 1970’s, whilst holidaying in Holland, my cousin’s husband was the exact likeness of Johann Cruiff and one night, enjoying a night out with them, some girls came up to us in a bar and chastised him for going out with someone else. My cousin said she was used to that happening! I was in Holland in 1966 on the day that England won the World Cup. I remember the excitement and joy on the bus coming back from The Hague to Noordwijk with all the Dutch egging on England to win. I’ve never felt more proud!
    I am preparing my memoirs for my three sons, for a time when my tongue has ceased to wag and in each of their boxes I shall put a copy of your book because to impart knowledge of their Dutch heritage is important to me.
    I look forward to your next book.


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