Recent Articles

Weekly columns (in Dutch) for the Algemeen Dagblad are available here

‘Why Dutch farmers turned their flags upside down’, The New York Times

‘The Best Restaurants in Europe’, The Guardian

‘Ukraine: A war in the palm of your hand, Politico

‘Superieur Falen’, De Groene Amsterdammer (in Dutch)

‘Notes from an Author: Exploring Rotterdam’, National Geographic Traveler

‘The secret to Mark Rutte’s longevity, Politico

‘The dark, dangerous side of Dutch tolerance’, Politico

‘The Netherlands, Germany and travelling the river Rhine’, Viking TV (video interview)

‘Covid cases are soaring in the Netherlands after easing lockdown – is the UK making the same mistakes?’, i news

‘The Escape Artist: How Boris Johnson Saved His Political Career’, Groene Amsterdammer (in Dutch)

‘Storm in a teacup: Why the Dutch are no good at political scandals’, Dutch News

‘Like a North Korean in Wal-mart: A first-time voter in the Netherlands’, Groene Amsterdammer (in Dutch)

‘Cycling to Carnival’, The Guardian

‘A Rhine Romance: Following Europe’s Greatest River’, The Guardian

‘How the Dutch lost their shine: the Netherlands and coronavirus’, Politico

‘A warning: ditch Covid rules too soon and UK cases could rocket’, Daily Mirror

‘Dutch doctors failed Adrienne Cullen. Now terminally ill, she’s gone public’ The Irish Times

‘Are the Dutch direct? Or just plain rude?’, NRC (in Dutch)

‘Why the Netherlands has struggled with its pandemic response’ DutchNews (audio interview)

‘Hook of Holland could almost be Thailand’ The Guardian

‘Nederlanders zijn good van vertrouwen’ Telegraaf interview (in Dutch)

City Breaks: Rotterdam, The Guardian

‘Exploring a watery wonderworld’ , Daily Telegraph

Celebrating Connections: Brits and the Netherlands , audio interview

Europe’s Greatest River? Exploring the Rhine’ , Daily Telegraph

Empire’s Crossroads: A day out in Rotterdam, Longitud

‘Pedaling Myths: Why the Netherlands is not as green as it seems’, The Independent

‘How the Dutch fell in love with cheese – and became the tallest people in the world’, BBC News Online

‘Islands, whisky and an independence campaign: Exploring the north of the Netherlands’, The Scotsman

‘Water, water everywhere’, Dutch News

‘Where Dutch directness comes from’ (interview), BBC News


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