The Twitter War

About two weeks ago, an astonishing video from Ukraine appeared online. Russia hadn’t yet invaded at that point, but the video purported to show war breaking out in dramatic fashion. A fighter jet looped low over a town on an inky blue night and fired a missile at a target on the ground. It exploded in a starburst of orange flame, before a ribbon of pinkish, laser-like projectiles chased the plane away across the sky.

The clip was short but thrilling, and with tensions in and around Ukraine already rising fast, it was soon spreading like the Omicron variant — shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter. In time, though, a small problem emerged. It turned out that there was no plane, no missile striking the ground and no colorful return fire. This video that people around the world were watching in their thousands was not live footage from the brutal conflict starting in Europe, but a clip from a computer game called Arma 3, which was released nearly a decade ago.

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One thought on “The Twitter War

  1. Read you interesting comments about the “rude” dutch.First a little background about myself.I am an expatriate Dutchman living in South Florida.I was born in the Hague and spent my formative years in Amsterdam where i attended a Lyceum type high school followed by a university education culminating in a Ph.D degree in chemistry subsequent of which I emigrated to the USA were I worked for a company called “Roche “until my retirement.I agree with you that the Dutch can be perceived as rude especially when you have an Anglo Saxon background however I had to learn in the USA ,in meetings that being direct requires a bit more than saying you are wrong.You have to say and clearly articulate why somebody is wrong and you need to leave out the connotation that somebodies idea is stupid.Also there is a major difference between the US culture and the very woke UK culture in that the americans can accept directness which in the Uk does not go down well.Working for a Swiss company I also spent many years in Switzerland and their culture is even more direct than the Dutch and when i first got to Basel I was told you are way to verbose and you need to make your point in a couple of paragraphs instead of a minor dissertation.So thanks for your interesting observations however one thing is clear the Dutch culture works and for a small country their success in many areas ,including science ,are utterly disproportionate to its size


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